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If you have a Book Idea and want to start writing it, but you have no idea where to start, we can help. No Bull Biz Publishing provides full service Book Planning, Author Coaching and Writing Assistance – including Ghost Writing, eBook and Print Book Creative Design and Layout, Book Cover Creative Design, Marketing and Distribution Strategies, and Audiobook Recording, Production and Narration Services.

Go from “Idea” to being “Published” within weeks.

Request a “Publishing Consultation” by emailing us at >

Audiobook Narration Services

AudioBook Narration Services

No Bull Biz Publishing rate is $11 PER 100 WORDS. To ensure that we’re able to provide our best to every client, there is a minimum order requirement of $100. *All pricing is USD.

NOTE: Every voiceover we record is also professionally edited to remove breaths and EQ-ed for the highest quality sound production. *Something that NOT ALL Voice Over producers do 🙂 

Longer scripts are ALWAYS welcome, and there is no word limit on our rate! 

All scripts are considered final when submitted and will not be modified unless there is a change order purchased and completed to include editing/proofreading. All change order requests can be made to >

RUSH 24hr turnaround: Available for $100 for all scripts under 500 words. It is $155 for all scripts from 501-1,000 words. For scripts 1,000+ words, please request “URGENT 24hr turnaround” in an email to >

*Ask us about our STARTUP KING eBook and AudioBook publishing packages.